A wide range of INDUSTRY-LEADING products

JET PRESS is a proven supplier of engineered component solutions to a range of customers across the world. We provide everything from single component solutions to multi-component sub-assemblies, sometimes using multiple
materials. Many of our components are already used in applications across the trailer industry, therefore, we can offer our extensive expertise and experience to provide you with best customer service.

Camloc has developed gas struts to be one of the industry leaders to in finding the best solution for motion control for both internal and external applications with over 30 years of industry experience.

Accuride Drawer Slides are vital for using your space efficiently whilst maintaining reliable and long-lasting performance. For example, the touch release means it won’t open as you are driving, combined with no handles giving you even more space.


Key features
  • Corrosion resistant coatings
  • Lock-out and lock-in systems
  • Ultra-flexible bracket mounting options
  • Shock blocks to absorb shocks and vibration
  • Find out more features here
Key features
  • Operates automatically (Econolic)
  • Eliminates the need for separate safety rods in critical lift-assisted operations (Econolic)
  • Adjustable to any force within the range (Econolic)
  • No need to calculate force (Vari-Lift)
  • Adjustable to any force within the range (Vari-Lift)
  • Force can be adjusted after installation (Vari-Lift)
Key features
  • We supply a wide range of hinge types including continuous hinges, butt hinges and a selection of lift-off body hardware hinges.
Lowe + Fletcher Locks
Key features
  • We supply a vast range of Lowe & Fletcher Locking Systems.
  • Different key series and keying details are available and bespoke solutions can be manufactured where necessary.
Spacers and Washers

Spaces, Bushes and Washers

Key features
  • Wide variety of spaces, bushes and washers available to use in the trailer industry
  • Designed to protect and secure your application





We work with you the way
you need

Every day our team work closely with Design, Production and Quality Engineers across many industrial manufacturing sectors. JET PRESS brings this wealth of knowledge and experience to your project, supported by our comprehensive services:

• Free samples
• CAD drawings
• A full design service
• 3D printing of prototypes
• Manufacturing of engineered solutions
• Stock holding & stock management solutions



Quality Assured

We meet a wide range of quality standards for industry and will support you with all the documentation you require to demonstrate quality compliance.

• ISO9001:2015
• ISO14001:2015
• Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)
• Initial Sample Inspection Reports (ISIR)
• Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA)
• International Automotive Task Force (IATF) – in progress

Speak to an expert

To speak to one of our experts about our supplying processes within the trailers industry or our bespoke part design capabilities please submit the form below. Our team is always happy to help.