In order to provide you with the products that fit your requirements we offer sampling, completely free, to allow you to test and try our products prior to placing an order.

Whether you need a selection of individual parts or want an industry specific selection, we will provide that to you.

Our steps for free samples:

Find the product

Locate your desired product by browsing through our website, or use our search function at the top of this page to type in a specific part.

Add your free sample

Once you have found your desired product, click on the "Request Free Samples" button.

Your item has now been added to your basket, where you can continue shopping or head straight to checkout.


Once you are ready to complete your order please navigate to the checkout by clicking the basket icon at the top of your screen.

Upon checkout, you will need to Log in or Register a new account and provide your contact details so the sample can be sent to you.

Want an industry specific selection of samples?

We can provide you with a sample box with a selection of industry specific fasteners and components. These have been hand-selected by our team of experts.

Click here to complete our form today!

We design, prototype & manufacture

bespoke components

We have 40 years experience in designing and manufacturing metal, plastic and mixed material parts. Our Engineering Design team works closely with you to find the right design for your application.



JET PRESS offer CAD downloads for most of our fasteners and components, completely free!