JET PRESS component solutions for THE mEDICAL INDUSTRY

The demands of Medical Components Manufacturing mean that Components for Medical Devices may need particular properties. These can include resistance to heat or corrosive materials and hygienic surfaces. Our team will help you identify the best item for your application.

Our products are sourced from around the world so we are not dependent on any one country or region. We have over 20,000 standard items and 65,500,000 items in stock. In addition to stock from our suppliers we have our own manufacturing facility. So, whatever you want, if we don’t stock it we can source it or make it.


Below are just some of our standard products and their use in medical applications.

  • Self-Piercing Snap Rivets for Face Masks
  • DOT Fasteners for Personal Protection Equipment
  • Security Seals and Labels for tamper evident movement of test equipment
  • Gas struts used in operating theatre beds
  • Accuride Drawer Slides used in mobile work stations


Every day our team work closely with Design, Production and Quality Engineers across many industrial manufacturing sectors. JET PRESS brings this wealth of knowledge and experience to your project, supported by our comprehensive services:

  • Free samples 
  • CAD drawings
  • A full design service
  • 3D printing of prototypes
  • Manufacturing of engineered solutions
  • Stock holding & stock management solutions


Popular Items in the MEDICAL Industry

self-piercing snap rivets

Self-Piercing Snap Rivets are ideal for applications where textiles, thin card or paper need to be secured. The sharp point of the male stud aids the self-piercing of the materials to be fastened.

accuride drawer slides

We have a vast range of Accuride Drawer Slides available with many options and features. Self-close, front disconnect, hold-in, two-way travel to name a few. Two-way travel is especially convenient where access to both sides of medical trolleys is required.

Gas springs

Gas Springs/Gas Struts provide support, lift assistance and height/angle adjustment on a wide range of applications including ward and operating theatre equipment.

security seals and labels

These can be used to ensure tamper evidence and traceability of  clinical waste, medical records and the movement of drugs in hospitals.


Below is a selection of our Security Fasteners. Their non-reactive qualities and excellent corrosion resistance make them perfect for both internal and external applications. Security Fasteners can be used in the maintenance of surgical instruments and in the pharmaceutical industry where utensils have to be clean beyond reproach. The addition of Molybdenum to its composition provides greater resistance to salt water environments or chemical solutions.
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