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Domestic furniture often uses wood, MDF, chipboard and similar materials. We supply a range of insert nuts for use in these materials. Threaded Inserts and Threaded Fasteners provide a secure anchor for bolts and other threaded components. T-Nuts are also used widely in the Furniture Industry. T-Nut Insertion Machines make insertion quick and accurate, we can supply, install and maintain a range of machines.

The JET PRESS offer to the Furniture Industry includes a very wide range of Furniture Assembly Components and Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom Products. These include:

  • Bed & Cabinet Fittings
  • Drawer Runners and Slides
  • Castors and Levelling Feet
  • Bedroom & Kitchen Storage
  • Door Handles & Knobs
  • LED lighting


Every day our team work closely with Design, Production and Quality Engineers across many industrial manufacturing sectors.  JET PRESS brings this wealth of knowledge and experience to your project, supported by our comprehensive services:

  • Free samples 
  • CAD drawings
  • A full design service
  • 3D printing of prototypes
  • Manufacturing of engineered solutions
  • Stock holding & stock management solutions


The membership of the BFM includes some of the oldest and most highly regarded furniture manufacturers in the UK.  Members are from every part of the UK and from every area of manufacture including upholstery, cabinet and bed and mattresses.

British Manufacturers Association members are provided with advice and services on a range of topics including employment law, health and safety regulations, flammability law and timber regulations.


BFM are committed to increasing awareness of the key factors that make British-made furniture great in the eyes of the consumer, retailers, contract specifiers, architects and the wider international audience.

Membership is open to manufacturing companies in all sectors.

Associate membership is available to suppliers, retailers and ancillary companies to the trade.

T-Nut Insertion machines

Our floor standing T-Nut insertion machines and table top insertion machines provide speed and flexibility when inserting Tee Nuts. They also ensure a deeper, straighter and more consistent insertion. All machines work with either Rivet T-Nuts or Pronged T-Nuts.

  • Fast and accurate insertion
  • Floor standing machines for volume applications
  • Up to 2,000 insertions an hour with a Floor Standing T-Nut Machine
  • Up to 1,500 an hour with Drill, Drive and Rivet T-Nut Machine
  • Multi head machines available
  • Hopper fed to increase productivity
  • Adjustable air pressure varies depth of insertion
  • Quick change flaring tool for use with different material sizes

Popular Items in the FURNITURE Industry


Insert Nuts provide a strong, fixed thread for wood and wood-based materials such as laminated wood panels, high density fibreboard and chipboard sheets.

Pronged T-Nuts

T-Nuts provide a strong, reliable anchor for wood and plastic. Pronged Tee Nuts are inserted into a pre-drilled hole and tapped into place. They are flush-fitting, so no counter boring is required. A self-locking feature prevents rotation during hand or automatic assembly.


Rivet T-Nuts are designed to be machine inserted. They are cold forged with a heavy flange and a large head for strength and pull-through resistance. The final result is a fast, deep and straight Tee Nut insertion. This contributes to final product quality and production efficiency.

Accuride Drawer Slides

Furniture manufacturers use Accuride Drawer Slides in bedroom furniture, kitchen furniture and increasingly in bespoke furniture applications. Available in a vast range to hold weights up to 600kg with a variety of features - hold-in soft-close, front disconnect just to name a few. Pocket doors slides are very popular for an aesthetic design and where space is limited.

Knock Down cams

Designed for drawer front attachment. Cams provide a strong, vibration proof joint. The linear cam profile results in smooth, easy cam rotation and dowel pull-up.


Furniture Connector Bolts provide a pleasing appearance when applied to furniture. Each fastener has a shoulder under its head matching the body diameter of its cap, which has the benefit of saving time on tool changes as only one drill size is needed.


A huge range of high-quality Salice hinges and mounting plates available for full overlay, half overlay, part overlay and inset doors. 

panel fixing dowel
Panel Facing Fixing Dowels are inserted into pre-drilled holes providing a high strength fastening solution for furniture applications.


Below is a selection of our Security Fasteners ideal for protecting street furniture and signage. Using security fasteners can prevent theft and tampering ensuring that important information is not lost or altered, reducing maintenance costs associated with replacing stolen or damaged signs.
View the full range of Security Fasteners 


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Download File (PDF)

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