Q1 How do I choose the correct drawer slide extension?

  • 75% extension: Drawer opens approximately 75% of the total length of the slide.
    Use 75% extension if space is limited within and around the cabinet.
  • 100% extension: Drawer opens the same amount as the slide length, ideal when full access is required.
  • 100+% extension: Over-travel is achieved. The drawer opens in excess of the slide length.
    This is ideal where access is required at the rear of the drawer and to also accommodate the thickness of the drawer front.
  • Most full (100%) extension slides have nominal over-travel.
  • Two-way travel allows the drawers to open from both sides of the unit.
  • Linear motion slides move in a straight line and within the slide’s own length.

Struggling to select the right drawer slide? Read our information page for help and guidance.






Q2 What does 80,000 Cycle tests refer to?


This refers to the cycle at which a slide is tested in an application or drawer, one cycle = 1 complete open and close.
All Accuride Drawer Slides undergo cycle tests according to the expected frequency of use. See individual slides for details on the cycle test rating.



Q3 Drawer slides are rated by load, what does this mean?


This is the maximum load that a pair of slides can carry. They must be mounted correctly and the load rating only applies up to the cycle rating.



Q4 What do the drawer slide ordering prefixes denote?

  • DZ – electro zinc plate and blue passivate
  • DB – electro zinc plate and black passivate
  • DW – white
  • DH – corrosion resistant (up to 96 hours)
  • DS – stainless steel
  • DA – aluminium
  • DP – corrosion resistant (up to 500 hours)



Q5 Where can I get a CAD drawing of an Accuride Drawer Slide?


Go to our Accuride product pages and search for the Accuride Drawer Slide. On the product page there is a Download CAD File button.



Q6 When looking to replace a drawer slide, I’ve noted there is a 4 digit code stamped on the drawer slide. Is this the part number?


No, this is not a part number; it is the month and year of manufacture. Read answer 7 to find out how to identify an Accuride Drawer Slide.



Q7 How do I identify an Accuride Drawer Slide when I don’t know the part number?


You will need to answer a few questions.

  1. What is the height of the slide?
  2. What is the thickness of the slide when fully closed?
  3. What is the length of the cabinet member when it is fully closed, plus the extension – 75% or 100% of travel?
  4. Does the slide have any special features? For example hold-in, hold-out or front disconnect. Here is a list of all Accuride features.

Send these answers to our sales team, along with a picture of the drawer slide and we identify the slide for you.

You can also use our Fast Find to identify your drawer slide by feature, extensions and finish.



Q8 Do you offer Accuride Drawer Slide for use in high-temperature applications?


The following slides have no plastic parts in their construction and can be used in temperatures between -20°C and 110°C:




Q10 Which type of disconnect feature do Accuride Drawer Slides have?


  1. Lever disconnect
  2. Rail disconnect
  3. Push latch disconnect

Please contact our sales team if you require further information.



Q11 What are Pocket Door Slides?


A pocket door is a sliding door that travels along its length and disappears into a pocket between the side of the cabinet and the cabinet space.




Q12 Can I use 9301 and 9308 together?


Yes, these Accuride Drawer Slides can be used together. 9308 and 9301E are heavy duty slides with exactly the same characteristics, but 9308 has a lock in/lock out feature. This means the module can only be opened when the lever is released. Combining these slides makes secure access easier, since the lever is only on one side. It will also save you money. We sell them singly so you can buy one of each for a cost effective solution.

Struggling to select the right drawer slide? Read our guide on How to choose the correct drawer slide for help and guidance.
You can also read our guide on Accuride Slide Features.

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