Military Grade Buckles for the Military Industry

We supply securing gear and equipment in the military sector, our military-grade buckles stand out as reliable solutions. These buckles, designed for robustness and versatility, offer superior attachment capabilities essential for demanding military applications.

JET PRESS is dedicated to providing high-quality components that enhance the functionality and reliability of military gear. Explore our comprehensive range of military-grade buckles designed to meet the toughest demands of the military industry.

Superior Security and Durability

Military-grade buckles are renowned for their durability and user-friendly functionality. Our range of buckles ensures secure fastening, with specific designs like quick-release and side-release mechanisms that prevent accidental release and enhance operational security. These buckles are engineered to withstand high tension and extreme conditions, providing reliable performance in critical situations.

Versatility in Military Applications

One of the key advantages of our military-grade buckles is their versatility. They can be used in a wide range of applications within the military sector, from securing load-bearing straps on equipment and vehicles to fastening tactical gear and clothing. Whether it’s for backpacks, vests, or heavy-duty equipment, these buckles provide the strength and reliability needed in the field.

Built for Challenging Environments

Our military-grade buckles are constructed to be resilient in diverse environments, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use in challenging operational conditions. Their sturdy construction guarantees long-lasting performance, ensuring that military personnel can depend on their gear in any situation.

Metal G-Hook Webbing Buckles


Typical Applications:

  • Military backpacks and gear
  • Tactical vests and harnesses
  • Webbing and straps for heavy-duty equipment

Clash Hooks


Typical Applications:

  • Quick-release straps on military gear
  • Attachment points on tactical equipment
  • Securing loads and equipment

Mash Hooks


Typical Applications:

  • Load-bearing military equipment
  • Heavy-duty harnesses and belts
  • Tactical and rescue gear

Heavy Duty D-Rings


Typical Applications:

  • Securing equipment to vehicles
  • Attachment points on military gear
  • Tactical belts and harnesses

Heavy Duty Snap hooks


Typical Applications:

  • Fastening equipment and gear
  • Quick-release connections
  • Tactical and rescue operations

Military Side Release Buckles (Ladderlock)


Typical Applications:

  • Tactical vests and gear
  • Backpack straps
  • Load-bearing equipment

Military Side Release Buckles (Warrior)


Typical Applications:

  • Military clothing and gear
  • Heavy-duty straps
  • Tactical harnesses

Spare Quick Release Buckles


Typical Applications:

  • Replacement parts for military gear
  • Backup components for field repairs
  • Tactical equipment

Quick Release Pull Buckles


Typical Applications:

  • Emergency release systems
  • Quick-access gear
  • Tactical vests and harnesses

Quick Release Buckles (Pull Type)


Typical Applications:

  • Quick-detach gear
  • Emergency equipment
  • Tactical and rescue gear

Replacement Buckle (Ladderlock)


Typical Applications:

  • Repairing military gear
  • Replacement parts for tactical equipment
  • Backup components

Replacement Quick Fit Buckle (Ladderlock)


Typical Applications:

  • Military and tactical gear repairs
  • Replacement parts for backpacks and vests
  • Field repair kits

Tri-Glide Buckles


Typical Applications:

  • Adjusting straps on military gear
  • Securing webbing and straps
  • Tactical vests and harnesses

Metal Side Release Buckles


Typical Applications:

  • Heavy-duty military gear
  • Tactical equipment
  • Load-bearing straps

Loop Buckles (50mm)


Typical Applications:

  • Securing heavy equipment
  • Tactical gear
  • Load-bearing straps

2 Bar Plastic Loops


Typical Applications:

  • Lightweight military gear
  • Tactical vests and harnesses
  • Adjustable straps

Tactical Quick Release Buckles


Typical Applications:

  • Quick-detach gear
  • Emergency release systems
  • Tactical vests and harnesses

Tactical Quick Release Buckles (Double)


Typical Applications:

  • Double locking systems
  • Tactical gear
  • Heavy-duty military equipment

Ladderlock Buckle 4 Bar Adjuster


Typical Applications:

  • Adjustable straps on military gear
  • Load-bearing equipment
  • Tactical vests and harnesses

quality standards 

Our commitment to quality is paramount, with a 98% success rate in timely order delivery and a dedicated team ensuring quality assurance across all service aspects. We provide quality fasteners and components, offering specialist quality checks upon request. Proud of our exceptional quality record, we aim to maintain the highest standards, with plans to achieve IATF 16949 by 2026.

  • ISO 9001:2015: Sets requirements for a quality management system, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • ISO 14001:2015: Specifies requirements for an environmental management system, improving environmental performance.
  • ISO 45001:2018: International standard for Occupational Health and Safety management systems, protecting and enhancing workforce well-being.
  • IATF 16949 (In Progress): International Standard for Automotive Quality Management Systems, focusing on continual improvement, defect prevention, and reduction of variation and waste in the supply chain.
  • SMMT Member: Represents the UK automotive industry, encompassing design, manufacture, sale, and recycling of vehicles and components.
  • Made In Britain Member: Supports British manufacturers under a collective mark representing quality and unity for the British manufacturing sector.


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