why choose dot® fasteners?

if nasa can trust them so can you

DOT® fasteners are used on a daily basis across the globe. DOT® has established themselves as a market leader in fasteners, with uses that range from being often used on daily things like clothing and covers to being utilised on Neil Armstrong's A7L space suit.

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Over 200 Years OF Heritage

USED in every industry

When strength and longevity are essential, there is no fastener more capable than a DOT® fastener. Because of its strong design, constant engineering, and dedication to the toughest criteria, DOT® Fasteners has been a trusted supplier to the best marine and industrial product manufacturers in the world for a century.

DOT® ensure every fastener is designed with three principles in mind - 

  • Durability
  • Strength
  • Performance

Numerous unique fasteners, including grommets, washers, turn buttons, windshield clips, and snaps, are available from DOT®. Whether they are used on sporting goods or tents, protective gear worn by military troops and disaster response specialists, or other things, DOT® Fasteners maintain their security under adverse conditions.


Morito Scovill 

Morito Scovill, which has more than 200 years of experience and a storied past, is the manufacturer of DOT® fasteners. Numerous industries use the grommets, snaps, and light industrial fasteners produced by Morito Scovill, one of the largest manufacturers in the world.

Their grommets, snaps, and closures are utilised in a variety of goods, including football helmets, medical equipment, footwear, fashion accessories, apparel, and accessories for boats and other watercraft.

Experience you can rely on

More than a century ago, the DOT® product line was first introduced. Quality and dependability are the cornerstones of the DOT® brand's reputation. DOT® products are what they are today thanks to their robust design, homogeneous engineering, and adherence to the strictest criteria.

You can rely on DOT® to deliver when you need a fastener that offers durability, strength, and performance in challenging circumstances.

The majority of DOT® fasteners are made in the USA, with a wide selection of specialised products, such as grommets, washers, turn buttons, windshield clips, and snaps on offer. DOT® Fasteners maintain their security in difficult circumstances whether they are used on sporting items, tents, protective gear worn by emergency responders or members of the military.

Based in the USA, the companies main product lines are manufactured in Clarkesville, Georgia.

is dot® already being used in your industry?


Boating & Marine

Fasteners with water-resistant characteristics that are built to last.


Military & Tactical

Under the most challenging conditions, DOT® Fasteners can be counted on to perform.

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Fasteners tested for endurance without sacrificing style 



Interior-specific fasteners that promote safety and comfort.


leather goods 

Secure fasteners give leather items strength and quality.


Sporting goods

Fasteners maximise performance while assuring compliance with safety standards.



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