There are 4 standard Thread and Stud Forms

There are 4 standard Thread/Stud Forms (shown below welded to a typical Base Plate).

M bonding fastener stud
hex nut
F bonding fastener
stud bonding fastener

3 Standard bases 

Standard Thread/ Studs are combined with any of the following Base Plates.


Other available Base Plates:

Round Square RectanguLAR

- 19mm 15mm 38 X 19mm

- 32mm 30mm 38 X 76 mm

- 50mm 50mm

- 76mm



Have a look at our Standard Range, which shows the most popular combinations. We can supply any variation and length of stud and the base plates above, including the thread/stud mounted horizontally onto the base plate. This is depending to minimum order quantities. If you require a combination that is not included in our Standard Range, please contact our team.

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