quick and effective installation

You can use these Stainless Steel Band Clamps to join tubes quickly and effectively. Some Hose Band Connection Clamps can be regularly adjusted or removed for maintenance. V Band clamps are effective in gas temperatures up to 1100°C and pressure up to 200 bar.

Teconnex Stainless Steel Band Clamps are used in a wide range of industries including automotive, maritime, aerospace, power generation, pharmaceutical and for ducting in buildings.

JET PRESS stock a  range of Teconnex Stainless Steel products:

  • V Band Clamps with T-Bolt Latch
  • Hose Band Connection Clamps
  • Slip Joint V Band Clamp
  • Flange Sets for V Band Clamps
  • Teconnex Bespoke Solutions

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v band clamps with t-bolt latch teconnex

V Band Clamps with t-bolt latch

flange sets for v-band clamps-teconnex

Flange sets for v band clamps

hose band connection clamps teconnex

Hose band connection clamps

teconnex slip joint v-band clamp flange assembly

Slip joint, v band clamp, flange assembly