T-Nut Application

T-Nuts for furniture making

Wherever a strong, reliable anchor is needed, the internal thread of the T-Nut allows secure bolting or connecting of castors, feet, headboard bolts and other components. 

A pronged T-Nut taps into a pre-drilled hole using a hammer. The T-Nut is tapped all the way into the wood to give a flush finish. You then insert the bolt through a hole in the item you want to attach and into the T-Nut. 

The nuts are made from mild steel and the shape of the prongs prevents the T-Nut from turning. They can be inserted by hand or by machine. We can provide samples from our wide range of sizes, or you can send us the material you are using and will insert the T-Nut for you as a demonstration. 

Rivet T-Nuts 

These Rivet T-Nuts are designed to be machine inserted. They are cold forged with a heavy flange and a large head for strength and pull-through resistance. The final result is a fast, deep and straight Tee Nut insertion. This contributes to final product quality and production efficiency. 

When inserted, the unthreaded portion of the barrel is riveted over to achieve maximum push-out resistance, eliminating the need for over stapling. The riveted section of the T-Nut provides a natural lead-in for the bolt thread for easier assembly. This lead-in feature reduces cross-threading problems. This is especially useful if you require customers to insert castors after delivery. 

Once inserted, the unthreaded rivet portion of the T-Nut provides a good lead for the screw or bolt, enabling easier assembly and eliminating the requirement for over-stapling. 

These T-Nuts are also available from stock in a range of different metric sizes, with a small or large base. Please contact our team who will help you select the best combination of T-Nut and machine for your application. 

  • Strong 
  • Good pull through resistance 
  • Fast, deep, straight insertion 
  • Better final product quality 
  • Production efficiency
  • Good lead for the screw or bolt 
  • No over stapling required

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T-Nuts benefiting you

If you want to be sure T-Nuts will deliver the benefits you need, send us a sample of the timber you are using. We will insert the T-Nuts and return the timber to you so you can see how well it will work for your application. You can see a T-Nut Insertion Machine in action, or we can visit you and discuss your requirements in detail. 

Just call to speak to one of our experts on +44 1623 551 800 or contact us by email. Our team is always happy to help you calculate the benefits of installing a T-Nut Insertion Machine. 

  • Save money through super deduction 
  • Increase speed of production 
  • Reduce production errors 
  • Reduce returns 

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