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Your Solar Cable Management guide

Effective cable management is a critical yet often understated aspect of solar energy systems. At JET PRESS, we prioritise innovative cable management solutions that enhance both the efficiency and environmental sustainability of solar installations.



Eco-Friendly and Efficient Cable Management Solutions

Sustainable Cable Management: Addressing environmental concerns in solar installations, especially in settings close to wildlife or agriculture, is at the forefront of our approach. Our Cable-Edge Clips are designed with this sensitivity in mind. They offer a secure way to manage cables without the environmental drawbacks associated with traditional nylon ties, like waste from clippings or potential harm to animals. These clips are reusable and adjustable, negating the need for cutting and thus significantly reducing waste.

Durable Protection and Streamlined Organisation: Solar cable management extends beyond tidiness; it's about safeguarding the system's integrity. The Cable-Edge Clips are built to endure harsh environmental elements, ensuring that cables are not only well-organised but also protected from UV rays, wind, and rain. This durability is key to maintaining the solar system’s efficiency and prolonging its operational life.

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Heyco Tite Liquid Tight Cordgrips

Simplifying Installation and Maintenance: The ease of managing cables during installation and subsequent maintenance is crucial. Our solutions are designed for straightforward installation, cutting down on labour time and costs. The flexibility of our cable management products also means maintenance and any necessary adjustments can be carried out with minimal effort and disruption, ensuring the solar system's longevity.


Our approach at JET PRESS to solar cable management intertwines efficiency with environmental responsibility. By innovating in the realm of cable management, we contribute to the broader goals of sustainable solar energy, ensuring our solutions not only meet the technical demands of solar installations but also align with our commitment to ecological stewardship.

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