Solving Your Application Needs

We have years of experience in identifying exactly the right fastener or component for applications across many different industries. If we don’t stock the right fastener or component, we can design and manufacture what you need.

Saving You Money

Problem solving involves delivering the most cost-effective solution. We can factor in your manufacturing costs, assembly time, weight saving and material costs to ensure the best solution for you.

Saving You Time

We understand that you have deadlines. Share your schedule and milestones with us and we will do everything to make sure you deliver on time. 


bespoke design

Our Design Engineering team can take you from identifying a need to a fully tested and manufactured fastener or component. 

For iterative design projects or proof of concept we use 3D printed prototypes. If you want parts for testing and approval we provide handmade metal or mixed material parts using the finishes you intend to use for the finished product. 

Each design takes into consideration not only the functional requirements but factors including manufacturing, maintenance, safety and sustainability. We cover every aspect from design to the finished product:

  • A full design service
  • Solidworks
  • Expert design team
  • Experience in finding solutions for major projects
  • One-to-one technical support


We can manufacture prototypes for you to test in your application for fit and function or for your approval process. 

Our Design Engineers understand the need for: 

  • 3D printing of prototypes 
  • Metal prototyping
  • Metal parts manufacturing
  • Plastic parts manufacturing
  • Mixed material components
  • Fulfilling the application requirements 
  • Safety in manufacturing and ongoing use
  • The right design, the right material and the right finish
  • Sustainable manufacturing


We have been manufacturing metal fasteners since the 1970’s. Currently, our greatest area of expertise is in pressing flat carbon spring steel and stainless steel parts, but we are constantly expanding our manufacturing capabilities and expertise. 

Our capabilities include: 

  • Design, development and prototyping of bespoke metal pressing
  • A wide range of standard spring steel fasteners
  • Growing portfolio of bespoke metal pressings
  • Mixed material components
  • Over 40 years manufacturing experience


We also have extensive experience in the design and manufacture of a wide range of injection moulded plastic parts.  

Our capabilities include: 

  • Tooling design and production 
  • A range of injection moulding presses 
  • Choice of materials 
  • Choice of colours 
  • Choice of finishes 
  • Mixed material components 


To speak to one of our experts about our manufacturing processes or our bespoke part design capabilities please submit the form below.
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