• High tensile strength, often stronger than aluminium rivets

  • Lightweight nature

  • Corrosion resistance

  • Ability to join different materials without causing damage

  • Good electrical insulation properties

  • Resistance to vibration, abrasion, and most chemicals

  • Cost-effective compared to metal rivets


Interior Trim:

Plastic rivets are often used to secure various interior trim components such as:

Exterior Body Panels:

Plastic rivets are utilised to fasten:

Underhood Components:

Plastic rivets are extensively used for fastening non-structural components under the hood of a car such as:

Electrical Systems:

Within the electrical system they are used to secure electronic control units (ECUs) and other electronic components due to their non-conductive and insulating properties:
  • Door panels
  • Dashboard panels
  • Centre console trim
  • Upholstery panels
  • Exterior body panels
  • Wing liners
  • Wheel well covers
  • Bumper fascias
  • Underbody shields
  • Radiator shrouds
  • Air intake ducts
  • Splash guard
  • Engine covers
  • Wire harnesses
  • Insulation
  • Cable routing channels
  • Vehicle's electrical system


We understand the importance of compatibility and precision when it comes to sourcing automotive parts. We feature a diverse range of OEM part numbers matched with our high-quality products, ensuring a perfect fit and reliable performance for your vehicle.

Below you will find automotive OEM parts which link you to our products, simplifying your search for the right replacement components. From engine parts to exterior accessories, each OEM part number is carefully mapped to our corresponding product, guaranteeing compatibility and reliability for your automotive needs.


OEM OEM Part Number Product Description Our Part Number
Jaguar C32312/5 
Expansion Plastic Rivet DRR005
Land Rover AFU1172 Expansion Plastic Rivet DRR011
Jaguar BEC6041 Expansion Plastic Rivet DRR012
Ford N801269S Expansion Plastic Rivet DRR012
Land Rover 79086 Expansion Plastic Rivet DRR013
Land Rover AFU1075 Expansion Plastic Rivet DRR021
Ford 98AB-32312 Expansion Plastic Rivet DRR021
VW / Audi N 038 549 Expansion Plastic Rivet DRR057
Ford W709354-S300 Expansion Plastic Rivet DRR057



OEM OEM Part Number Product Description Our Part Number
Rover DYQ100200 Scrivets Flush Head SCR009
Rover ZKC6171 Scrivets Flush Head SCR012
Land Rover AWR2227 Scrivets Flush Head SCR013
Land Rover EAP4830 Scrivets Flush Head SCR021



OEM OEM Part Number Product Description Our Part Number
Aston Martin 4G43-2705-AA Scrivets Raised Head DRR073
Land Rover MUC8960 Scrivets Raised Head SCR001
Jaguar KRS110120 Scrivets Raised Head SCR001
Rover AFU3626 Scrivets Raised Head SCR001
Jaguar KRS113130 Scrivets Raised Head SCR002
Jaguar KRS116140 Scrivets Raised Head SCR003
Aston Martin 1R12-642790-AA Scrivets Raised Head SCR003
Land Rover / Rover DCP4229 Scrivets Raised Head SCR003
Aston Martin W704320-S300 Scrivets Raised Head SCR022
Opel 24430162 Scrivets Raised Head SCR022


Releasable Drive Rivet 



OEM OEM Part Number Product Description Our Part Number
Renault 77030 72361 Releasable Drive Rivet DRR066



OEM OEM Part Number Product Description Our Part Number
Land Rover ANR2224 Plastic Rivets - Removable Push Type DRR074
BMW 1908077 Plastic Rivets - Removable Push Type DRR081
Mercedes Benz A0009905492 Plastic Rivets - Removable Push Type DRR081
Opel 90414659 Plastic Rivets - Removable Push Type DRR098


OEM OEM Part Number Product Description Our Part Number
Aston Martin 4G43-P2100014B-AA Plastic Pop Rivets / R-Loks PER010
Jaguar KRA106001 Plastic Pop Rivets / R-Loks PER022


comprehensive guide to plastic rivets 

Explore our comprehensive guide to plastic rivets where we show the vast array of types available and their wide-ranging applications across different industries.

quality standards 

Our commitment to quality is paramount, with a 98% success rate in timely order delivery and a dedicated team ensuring quality assurance across all service aspects. We provide quality fasteners and components, offering specialist quality checks upon request. Proud of our exceptional quality record, we aim to maintain the highest standards, with plans to achieve IATF 16949 by 2026.

  • ISO 9001:2015: Sets requirements for a quality management system, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • ISO 14001:2015: Specifies requirements for an environmental management system, improving environmental performance.
  • ISO 45001:2018: International standard for Occupational Health and Safety management systems, protecting and enhancing workforce well-being.
  • IATF 16949 (In Progress): International Standard for Automotive Quality Management Systems, focusing on continual improvement, defect prevention, and reduction of variation and waste in the supply chain.
  • SMMT Member: Represents the UK automotive industry, encompassing design, manufacture, sale, and recycling of vehicles and components.
  • Made In Britain Member: Supports British manufacturers under a collective mark representing quality and unity for the British manufacturing sector.


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