We can Support You With what you need and when you need it

Have a look at one of our recent articles where our manufacturing capabilities were utilised to help one of our customers overcome multiple manufacturing complications.

Although we have a vast range of over 20,000 standard products, an off-the-shelf solution is not always feasible. This was the case when a customer approached us with a substantial list of requirements, seeking a bespoke fastener that could meet complex technical and practical demands while remaining reliable, cost-effective, and easy to use.


MetalS manufacturing

We manufacture standard and bespoke industrial components, we can also design, prototype and manufacture to your specific requirements in a range of materials and finishes. Some of the parts we manufacture were first designed in the early years of the car industry and are still being used in modern vehicles today. Now we work across a wide range of industries in over 50 countries. 

plasticS manufacturing

We specialise in the manufacture, assembly, storage and distribution of high-quality plastic injection mouldings. Our plastic manufacturing started in 1986, and at the heart of our success is our long-standing relationships with our partners.