Designed and manufactured in britain

The Made in Britain campaign is a movement designed to bring together the manufacturing community in the UK, awarding companies who manufacture their products in Britain a collective mark we can use on our products and communications.

The mark proudly demonstrates JET PRESS' commitment to supporting the local economy and community.

Made in Britain is a not-for-profit organisation that supports British manufacturers globally. They work collaboratively with UK trade bodies, UK government departments Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and Department for International Trade (DIT), and the UK media to support skilled jobs, responsible business, and sustainable growth. They work tirelessly all year round to promote British manufacturing.

The history

Made in Britain began as a commercial marketing campaign in 2011. Started and established by Stoves – a Prescot-based oven manufacturer, who launched a competition to design the logo for the newly established campaign.

On announcing the winning mark in 2011, British businesses rushed to apply to use the logo, with over 600 companies joining the campaign.

A new Made in Britain mark was commissioned, with Made in Britain officially launched as an independent, non-profit organisation in April 2013.


Learn more

Check out the Made in Britain website to see a list of manufacturing members and to learn more today!