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Extra R&D resources

We now have access to the significant design, engineering and prototyping resources of the Heyco plant in New Jersey to add to our in house design facility. Projects include working with Heyco on a series of bespoke parts destined for use in a complex electronic component for a luxury car manufacturer.

Why cable management matters

Engineers understand the value of good cable management; a single failure in an electrical, data or signalling cable can lead to failure of a device or an entire system. But it is important to strike the right balance by specifying something that has all the right performance criteria without adding unnecessary weight, cost or introducing manufacturing issues. Stocking the Heyco range allows us to offer you far more options.

Heyco specialise in products for automotive and electrical appliances. All vehicles move about so there is always a requirement for varying levels of strain relief. However, domestic appliances vary considerably. A fridge freezer gets moved maybe twice a year; by comparison a toaster is moved around all the time.

Benefits beyond the finished product
The huge experience Heyco has of working closely with customers mean they understand manufacturing demands. For instance, their bushings only require finger pressure to install. This means operatives can work swiftly with less chance they will develop Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). This in turn avoids disruption and costs for the manufacturer.

Their bushings also lock in fractional increments. This means they fit snugly into the aperture and there is a small amount of tolerance to the panel thickness. Though of course, they are all available in a wide range of sizes.

The core range from JET PRESS
Core Heyco products include a range of Bushings including Strain Relief Bushings along with Dome and Vent Plugs. We are happy to supply samples or take your orders for core items and anything else from the Heyco catalogue.

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