How Hafren Ratings Fit Your Specific Needs

Each product comes with a security rating ranging from 1 to 5 to suit different application needs.

It's important to note that a rating of 1 does not imply lack of security; rather, it offers a robust layer of protection optimised for specific use-cases. Whether you're securing signage at a local park (which might require a lower rating) or fortifying high-risk areas in a prison (which could necessitate a rating of 5), our range has been designed to offer the right level of tamper-resistance and safety for your specific needs.


Hafren Security Rating Level 1 on white

entry level security


Fasteners provide a safeguard against crime and vandalism. These tools required for removal are available for public purchase. 


Hafren Security Rating Level 2 on white

enhanced security


Fasteners that are less ubiquitous and not easily identified. Driver is non-standard and harder for the general public to buy. 

Hafren Security Rating Level 3 on white

medium security


These fasteners are rarer and less well-known, contributing to heightened security. The controlled supply of the specialized driver tool, not readily available e for purchase, further enhancing the security.

Hafren Security Rating Level 4 on white

high security 


Either one-way permanent fixings or Hafren patented high security products requiring specialist tooling to remove which is only available from Hafren approved distributors.  

Hafren Security Rating Level 5 on white

maximum security 


Highest security available. Products are either one-way permanent fixings or require bespoke exclusive custom made driver tools to remove. 

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