pricing details


Pricing details for the Salice Pocket Door System is detailed below, any questions with pricing please do not hesitate to get in touch where we can give you further details. 

The Exedra system is customised to meet your individual specifications and arrives prepared for installation at the site. 

Additional options available include side panel connectors, roller guides and front cover strips approximately 3-4 weeks following the placement of an order. 

To enquire please complete the form below and return to



it only takes a few minutes to design your exedra!


Additional options available

Side Panel Connector Kit

Side panel connectors - £35.00

System for single doors, version to be screw fixed.

Roller Guides

roller guides - £8.00

Supplementary roller guide for aluminium, framed glass doors and framed wooden doors.

Front Cover Guides

front cover kits £30.00

Seamless integration providing aesthetic and functional enhancement. 

what you will need

The only item you will need to design an Exedra is a tape measure. This will be used to measure the existing dimensions.

We will need the following  dimensions 

  • Width of the cabinet 

  • Depth of the cabinet

  • Thickness of the door

  • Upper reveal

  • Lower reveal 

  • Height of the door 

  • Width of the door

  • Height of the base  

Once you have your measurements ready, click below to fill out our online order form. Send this to After we receive it, we will get in touch with you to talk about the next steps for your new pocket door system.

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