determining the washer thickness

To determine the thickness of the washer required (dimension T), add thickness of the fixed part (dimension B) to the free space between panels (dimension C), then add 25%. Choose standard washer nearest to this diameter.

Thickness of the washer T= (B+C) x 1.25

Please note that the thickness of the washer includes the free space. As shown in the drawing, the assembly is solidly fixed and resists vibration and lateral movement.

When Bi-Fix is to be used at temperatures exceeding 90°C, a conical wire spring can be used instead of the washer.


The stud and determining total panel thickness


The Stud
The grip length (P Dimension) is critical and is always measured from the underside of the head of the stud to the top surface of the clip. This includes bracketry.

The ‘P’ Dimension - Determining Total Panel Thickness
To determine the correct stud length, the dimension has to be chosen according to the following example
P = A + B + C

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