Why do Automotive customers choose to work with us?

The Automotive Industry supply chain is highly sophisticated. To be part of an Automotive Industry supply chain a fastener supplier has to meet several key criteria. These include reliability, flexibility and quality control.

  • Over 98% of our deliveries arrive on time, with the order correct and no items damaged. We have a Customer Support team to swiftly resolve any problems that may arise.
  • With over 20,000 standard products we can respond to most orders very rapidly. We source around half our products in the UK and have logistics partners who can get items from around the world to us very quickly. We also have our own manufacturing resources and a number of manufacturing partners in the UK.
  • Our warehouse has over 80,000,000 items in stock at any moment in time. We can hold consignment stock for you to be delivered as and when you need it. We also understand the requirements of the Automotive Industry and over 70% of our orders are repackaged to meet the needs of our customers.
  • JET PRESS has a dedicated quality control team. They drive compliance with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018. They can also check for specific performance requirements for individual customers.
  • The large number of items that we stock and can deliver is valuable to some customers because it reduces the number of suppliers they have to deal with. And when they have specific challenges our team of engineers can identify parts that will overcome that challenge or design a bespoke fastener.

Popular Items in the automotive Industry

Fasteners for 5mm Welding Studs

The Automotive Industry standard is a 5mm Welding Stud so we supply fasteners to match. We provide Weld Stud Cable and Pipe Clips that fit beneath the vehicle and keep fuel lines securely in place. They’re made from very durable Acetal. We also have Weld Stud Fixing Cable Ties made of black Nylon to attach the engine wiring harness.

Cable and Pipe Retention Clips

These Cable & Pipe Retention Clips are like the clips described above but they are made from Austempered Carbon Steel. They rotate through 360° so they are less likely to cause chafing that can lead to failure of the pipe or cable.

Fir Tree and W Button Cable and Pipe Clips

You can use these Fir Tree Cable Clips or W Button Pipe Clips where tubes pass through panels, for fixing the fuel line in a vehicle. Or use them with mounted brackets where they help with vibration absorption. Made from Acetal or Nylon they are available in many sizes. You can use them with a wide range of panel thicknesses, using anchor or fir tree push-on fixing.

Read our Guide on Fir Tree Clips

Accuride Drawer Slides

Vehicle builders and converters use Accuride Drawer Slides in cars, recreational vehicles and specialist vehicles. Very Low Profile Slides are popular in modules within centre consoles. Designers specify Heavy Duty Slides in camper vans and motor homes to maximise space and functionality. Features like Slide and Tilt, Lock in/Lock out and Locking Handle Kits are very valuable for fire engines, ambulances and other specialist vehicles.

Retain on Trim Panel Clips

Designed for the Automotive Industry, these Retain on Trim Panel Clips hold plastic panels to the A, B and C pillars of a vehicle. They are also used for facias and dashboards. Interior panels have to be fixed securely in place but easy to remove for maintenance, repairs or at the end of the product life cycle. Retain on Trim Panel Clips are quick to use and provide a snug, rattle free installation. You can use them with rectangular studs or moulded ribs. When the panel is removed the unheaded version of the clip stays on the panel. The Retain on Base Panel Clip remains on the base panel but separates easily from the panel.

W Button Plastic Trim Clips

Designers use Plastic Trim Clips to attach door and tailgate trim panels to inner door panels. Many versions have a flexible skirt that seals the hole against water or dirt. The design means they can be blind fixed to look neat and removed easily.

Spring Steel Hose Clamps

When you open your car bonnet, you will see these Spring Steel Hose Clamps holding low-pressure cooling system hoses and windscreen washer pipes. They are available in a variety of sizes and different finishes. This can help with error avoidance during assembly.

Plastic Rivets – R-Loks

Vehicle manufacturers rely on our cost effective R-Loks, also known as Blind Rivets or Pop Rivets. They are lightweight, corrosion resistant and non-conducting with a Nylon body and Acetal pin.

These qualities make them ideal for attaching padding. They are also useful for attaching airbags because they don’t damage the airbag.


The Automotive Industry has changed dramatically over the last few years. Hybrid and Electric vehicles present Designers and Engineers with many new challenges. The introduction of Autonomous Vehicles will have it’s own set of challenges.

The move towards a Circular Economy, where parts are reused or recycled when a vehicle is taken off the road at the end of life, will have huge implications. And the use of new materials and new manufacturing techniques like Additive Manufacturing will make new demands on Designers and Engineers.

The team at JET PRESS are already working with customers on these issues. For some projects, tried and tested fasteners are the ideal solution. For other applications, new and innovative solutions have to be found. We are always keen to work with you to find the best solution.



Below is a selection of our Security Fasteners offering tamper resistance to prevent theft and vandalism making it harder to gain access to sensitive areas of a vehicle.
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EV charging

There is a wide range of EV charging points including domestic, on street, retail and industrial. Design challenges may include harsh environments, ease of maintenance, manufacturing efficiency and end-of-life requirements. 

Find out more about JET PRESS and its capabilities with the EV charging infrastructure.

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