exceptional expertise

Accuride have specialist production facilities in Germany, Mexico, China and Japan, each able to output world-class integrated solutions. Working with JET PRESS the team at Accuride is able to use their extensive resources to offer each customer an exceptionally broad range of knowledge and expertise. Accuride have few rivals in the design and manufacture of telescopic ball bearing drawer slides.

The extensive range of slide designs offered by JET PRESS includes a variety of advanced features such as hold-in, lock-in, hold-out, lock-out, soft close, self-close, push-to-open, 100%+ extension and two-way operation. You can purchase these slides in various materials including stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium.

The Accuride product range is very extensive and is suitable for light duty, medium duty and heavy duty applications. We also offer Accuride linear motion, two-way travel and stainless steel drawer slides.



Read our guide on How to choose the correct drawer slide for help and guidance.